Manchester United fans however realize that Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo net worth: Manchester United fans however realize that Ronaldo isn’t just a play for those forever. He’ll still leave to play in another
nation. He will probably play around 2 more seasons. That will take his number of years in Old Trafford into seven. Ronaldo was
reported that he would not promise anyone with regard his future. He said he wouldn’t promise his mommy, Sir Alex Fergusson or
even Manchester United’s fans, cristiano ronaldo house.
I ardently believe Christiano Ronaldo would be in Old Trafford next season and also why not? Manchester United are the champions
of Europe and arguably the greatest team on the entire planet. Why could he want to go on to Real Madrid that crumbled if they
faced Roma at the champions league.
There’s been numerous speculations recently surrounding Christiano Ronaldo’s future with his┬ácristiano ronaldo cars .

Gone would be the times when we believed the only real way to acquire continental laurels is by playing at Real Madrid and AC
Milan. Milan will not even be playing in the Uefa champions league next season when they finish 5th at the Italian league.

I am not sure one will whine about the loyalty of a person (foreigner) that served for seven decades.
Back to Christiano Ronaldo. The one thing that may make Ronaldo leave Old Trafford this summer is if he has an out of the world
championship at Euro 2008 and also a club comes in with 100 million pounds to temp Manchester. No club may turn down this kind of
tantalizing offer.