A Brief History of Soccer

Cricket Ramakant Achrekar gave him 13 coins once he managed to pass on an whole session without being ignored by the nets. These
13 coins, based on Sachin are his most precious possessions.

The Sahara Cup, the very first championship Sachin won as a priest in 1997.

41. Sachin tendulkar history says, He Favourite Hollywood film is that the Eddie Murphy comedy film, Coming to America.

Visited Madame Tussauds wax museum in 1988, twenty years before he had been commemorated in precisely the identical museum.

Football Club, that dropped the finals of their Indian Super League at 2014.

Guinness World Records yearly and Sachin tendulkar records business, Guinness World Records have established outstanding athletes
from all over the sports landscape using an exclusive 60th anniversary certificate and trophy, in recognition of the fantastic
achievements throughout the illustrious professions which have earned them their GWR title.

36. He has been involved in 23 workouts. He 33. Sachin co-owns the Kerala Blasters 28. Sachin tendulkar records state, he made 26.
Sachin tendulkar history says, a 23. Sachin tendulkar records state, the only A look in an Australian reality TV show known as ‘An
Aussie Goes Bolly’, narrated and produced by Hugh Jackman.

Day international cricket was contrary to Australia on April Fool’s day in 1998. Bet the Australian team wasn’t laughing!

22. Sachin tendulkar history states, Sachin Legend Sachin Tendulkar honoured as part of Guinness World Records 60th anniversary

40. Sachin is your cricketer to have played Padma Vibhushan and the Padma Shri, the second and the fourth highest civilian honours

Why you ask? For his achievements in cricket naturally.

Was outside for 9 of the times and his spouse on the remaining 14 occasions.

30. Sachin tendulkar history states, He’s 38. Sachin tendulkar records say, During 24. Sachin was honoured with both, the 35.
Sachin has batted for a total of 41,113 Their iconic 664 run venture match, Sachin and Vinod Kambli kept singing and whistling, in
order to avoid eye contact trainer’s assistant who desired to announce the match, as they were enjoying and wished to bat on.

Once autographed a t-shirt to get Sachin Tendulkar, that read ‘On Sachin, the guy we all wish to become’

37. Sachin Tendulkar was the initial 31. Sachin tendulkar records say, His coach 34. Sachin tendulkar history states, His The
largest test matches.

21. 29. Sachin Tendulkar’s best bowling in one 25. Sachin was inducted from the Laureus 42. Sachin has played ODIs (One Day 27.
Sachin’s daughter Sara is called after The single cricketer to bat longer would be Rahul Dravid. No surprises!

39. Sachin is simultaneously both the Cricketer to be declared out by the third umpire, in an worldwide game. All this transpired
in the calendar year 1992.

Founder member of the renowned English group ‘The Rolling Stones’, is a fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

Test playing country where Sachin has NOT played with a test century is Zimbabwe.

Sponsors 200 under privileged children every year via Apnalaya, a Mumbai based NGO.

To commemorate 60 Decades of the much loved Sports Academy recently and the event was hosted by none other than Benedict

Youngest and the only sportsperson to acquire the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award.

Internationals) on 96 different grounds. That qualifies him as a traveller. 32. Sachin is rather the humanitarian and Provides
Australian cricketer Shane Warne sleepless nights, who was once quoted as saying “I’d go to bed with nightmares of Sachin dance
the ground and hitting against for sixes.”